Hi. I'm Revy and I have more than 12 years experience in creating print and digital assets as a graphic designer. I create and develop an array of materials to promote events, sell products and services, inform end-users, illustrate instructions, develop logos and brand identity, and fulfill any essential materials to scale opportunities. I am passionate about design thinking, well organized, and able to handle multiple tasks within tight deadlines. I embrace challenges, easily adaptable, and thrives in a fast-paced environment. I am proficient in project management and always looking for opportunities to contribute. Also, I have a keen understanding of preparing files for print or digital use.
Thank you for checking out my work.


Marketing Materials
print materials for consumer show
Illustration for product manual
11 x 17 Vector art
Book Cover
Design Challenge
Multi-page & Tri-fold
Program Guide & direct mail
icon for youth group and web
Custom Shape
Sales Prospectus
Screen Print
T-shirt design for special event
Bitmap to Vector Art
sketches to scalable vector art
Outdoor Banners
13' x 4.5'


UI, Visual, & UX Design

Case Study
This case study was a UX project to monitor the maintenance and components of earth moving machines by using an app. This was a 3-person team tasked to complete first round of research and create digital wireframe in a 2.5 weeks sprint. With my experience in graphic design, I was tasked to create and develop the visual design. To learn more about the UX process done for this project, READ HERE.

View Low Fidelity UI
Skills used: Sketch App, Adobe XD, Wireframing, Journey Maps, and User Research
Visual Design: Wireframe

Case Study
This case study was a project for UX design immersive program to connect artists, promote their artworks, and announce special events through a community website. This was a 3-person team tasked to do interviews, ideate, strategize content, usability evaluation, and wireframing. The majority of my role was to create the wireframe using Sketch app.

View Wireframes
Skills used: Sketch App, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Wireframing


5 Minutes Video

A video has become an important tool to showcase products and services. Often times story telling is more impactful than still photographs. It gives another layer of sensory awareness of what is being shown.

I did a 5 minutes video for a non-profit development community offering transformation to under-resourced youth and families. The video was about 'a day in the life' of the youth, volunteers, and families benefitting from the services provided by this community. It was a two-day shoot following talents filming them in a documentary style resulting with 10-12 hours of footage. For more information about their community development program, visit hhministries.org.

Skills used: Premiere Pro and Canon DSLR
B-Roll Videos


I've always had an affinity with photography, specially black and white. I love capturing images that tells story of who they are or what it is in a photo journalistic style. I let the subject invoke imagination, thoughts, or sometimes mundane feeling - what goes around in our daily life. The following photographs are of a sculptor's artwork, musician, and social photography.